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When Ants Attack!!

I'm a fairly clean living guy- So you can imagine my surprise when I found a bunch of ants creeping across my kitchen floor. I put an ant trap down, and that seemed to take care of them. Alas, they have returned, and the exterminator is coming tomorrow. So I was just wondering- If any of you all have had this problem? Because I know my neighbor across the hall just had this happen to her as well. (Found on the same day) Are the ants laying seige to the community, or just my building?

Also- There's a Halo/Halo2 Party on April 9th at 3pm in the MCC Dorms if anyone is interested.

Also! - I bet you thought I forgot about this community. But you'd be wrong.
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-x-posted : Because I'm awesome and can post whatever I want in this community :D -woot- Plus... I don't want this community to be deleted, since no one ever posts in it anymore

After numerous complaints from myself and many others. I've determined the severity of my need for a couch in my apartment. However, seeing as how I'm a poor college student, I can't just spend money buying a new couch as I wish. So I've decided to start a "Help Zac Buy A Couch" Fund. It's simple really, all you need to do is make a small... or large ;D donation into my paypal account. Go to Paypal.com then click on "Send Money" at the top. If you have a paypal account already, you just need to log in, and send your donation of any amount to wurgler@aol.com. If you dont, you just have to take a few extra steps to start up your own paypal account, which is not only easy, but also free. Everyone should have one! :D

Hopefully this all goes well! If it starts to pick up, I'll even make a little picture that updates whenever I get more donations! :D
..and maybe I'll throw in some incentives.. like.. if you donate a certain amount, I'll draw you a picture or something.

So remember! Go to Paypal.com and make donations to wurgler@aol.com

Thanks! Much love!
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Welcome to the Rustic Village Community.

This is a community for anyone who lives in or near (but mainly in) the Rustic Village Apartments, in Rochester, New York.
Use it to plan events, sell items, make new friends, make new enemies, talk about your neighbors behinds their back, tell us about that hottie that just moved in next door, anything that relates to our little community.

However, if you're going to post a bunch of pictures (which is also welcome), please put them behind an LJ-cut so that we dont trash people's friends lists.

(The "about" section made this first entry so much easier)
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